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  • DEAD SECOND ‘EARLY ACCESS’ - You’re a righteous ‘GUN FOR HIRE’ taking care of the CORRUPT and WICKED throughout the city.​ Governments have fallen into disarray, Corporations and Private Military Contractors rule the streets.​ Take on a series of ‘ASSIGNMENTS’ and make them pay!​ The ‘DEAD SECOND’ is a bullet time reaction system. ​ Defeating […]
  • 2020 Christmas Update - Happy Holidays from the team at Spunge Games! We are wishing you all the best this holiday season with a safe and happy New Year! Phew! What a year 2020 has been for everyone Globally!In March, we made the decision to work remotely, and working from home didn’t stop us […]
  • Faily Brakes – Now in Portrait! - Due to popular demand, Faily Brakes is now in portrait mode! Enjoy your favourite game from a new angle while you explore fun themes, upgradeable pickups and headstarts. Upgrade your pickups to last longer Boost forward with a headstart Unlock all 11 themes Earn cars without spending coins The new […]
  • Faily Brakes – Major Update Announcement! - Presenting a New Faily Brakes Experience This awesome Faily Brakes update brings you the cars and worlds that you love the most! Dive straight into dodging and crashing while earning more rewards even faster. Introducing new daily prizes, a simple map and a complete overhaul of the menu and garage […]
  • Faily Brakes – Super Retro OUT NOW! - #PhilFaily is heading back to the ’80s in the futuristic synth-wave, retro-electro inspired ‘Super Retro’ theme! The Super Retro update includes 80’s Sci-Fi inspired scenery with new moving hazards and underground caverns and futuristic new cars like ‘The Synth’ available to purchase through the game’s store. The update also includes a […]
  • Faily Skater – Major Update Announcement! - Introducing a New Faily Skater Experience A World You Can Explore In the NEW Faily Skater, you can interact with the world without fear of random crashing and brutal obstacles.  Mounting curbs, bouncing off walls, bowling over pedestrians, and smashing straight through obstacles are now a core part of the […]

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