Self-Published Titles

Spunge Games has released 15 titles on mobile platforms, amassing more than 85 million downloads, including 6 titles with over 5 million downloads individually and 3 with over 15 million downloads!

Co-Development & Partnerships

Spunge Games also has extensive experience working alongside international games publishers including Kwalee, Azur and PICO working in partnership on exciting mobile games including Sharpshooter Blitz and Faily Brakes 2!

Concept & Game Production Services

With an animation, live action and digital production studio under the one roof, we have created an environment where technology and gaming meets art. Our studio not only boasts experienced games designers and developers,  but is fully backed a unique talent pool of 2D and 3D modelers, and artists from Liquid Animation and Liquid Interactive . 

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Feature Game

You're a righteous 'GUN FOR HIRE' taking care of the CORRUPT and WICKED throughout the city.​

Governments have fallen into disarray, Corporations and Private Military Contractors rule the streets.​

Take on a series of 'ASSIGNMENTS' and make them pay!​

The 'DEAD SECOND' is a bullet time reaction system. ​

Defeating an enemy activates a momentary bullet time slow motion giving the player a chance to dodge incoming enemy fire and chain a succession of takedowns to boost their Score, Time & Accuracy bonus points. ​

Progress through each Assignment and unlock additional Guns & Cosmetics on your way to the top of the Leaderboards.

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