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The Spunge Story So Far…

Freshly cracked from an egg laid by iconic Aussie studio Liquid Animation – Spunge Games launched the pre-historic runner game – Cartoon Survivor. Where the last remaining Dodo – called Doo Doo is cast into a world of danger in order to save a flailing TV Reality Show.

It didn’t take long for this little hatchling to grow up and Spunge quickly went on to produce the #1 smash hit – Faily Brakes – reaching No 1 status in 43 countries and amassing over 1.5 million downloads over its launch weekend!

Like a car with no brakes, success was unstoppable – Spunge grew in leaps and bounds and downhill legend Phil Faily became famous!

Daredevil ragdoll – Phil Faily, tried his luck at all types of things… motorbikes, tumbling, skateboarding – heck he even tried to launch his own rocket to the moon!!!

The Faily games franchise has amassed over 54 million downloads with epic games – Faily Rider, Faily Skater, Faily Tumbler and Faily Rocketman joining the Faily Brakes stable of endless ragdoll fun!

But not everything is Faily at Spunge! Along with Rev Heads Rally and Spunge Invaders – Spunge Games is continuing to develop various new and totally fun mobile games!

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